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Wow, what an amazing Monday this is turning out to be.  When you wake up with an attitude of gratitude things just seem to fall into place.  A funny thing happened this morning, I didn’t wake up and smile my big goofy grin like I normally do, but the instant that I sat at my computer, I remembered that I needed to.  So there I sat in the morning darkness, eyes still sleepy, bright screen blinding me smiling like a big goofball.  If anyone was on the other side of my screen I guarantee that I would not have seen them.   I also guarantee that they would have thought I was insane.

Today I got to sit down with Sue Thompson, a living miracle.  She was diagnosed with cancer over 10 years ago but refused to accept the doctors opinion that her life would soon be over.  Someone had a plan for her, and she’s still here, feisty as ever and set on a mission to help people live happier more motivated lives.  Thank you Sue.  Thank you for all of your positive quotes on your webpage and thank you for being an inspiration to us all. You’re the perfect recipient of The Positive Pin™.

Watch this video of Sue explaining what thinking positive thoughts means to her:



Hey guys, this is Jonathan with Positive Pin and we are now at week number 32 of Project Positivity and I’m very excited my recipient of this week of the Positive Pin is Sue Thompson.   I met Sue a few months back at a networking event and she had such an amazing touching testimonial of her life experiences that she shared with all of us and I found it so so touching and she had a great positive attitude and I’ll let her explain it to you what she thinks about positive thinking.

So Sue please accept this Positive Pin as our Project Positivity recipient.  Is there anything you wanna tell our fans about what thinking positive means to you.


 Well, I think I was born with a positive attitude so that’s a very blessed gift that I received. Um, when I was diagnosed with what the doctors called was an incurable cancer, I knew I had two choices give into that or change my attitude and take ownership of my life, and that’s what I did.  And I just feel that any words we speak, any thoughts we have do become a reality and the most powerful gift God gives us is our mind and what we do with that is up to us.  We have options every single day, and there is not a day that passes we don’t have hurdles.  So it’s all in how you jump those hurdles and I just totally believe in positive thinking versus the negative.  Because the negative not only affects you, but it affects everybody around you.   So, that’s just to me never been an option and I guess probably the most the powerful statement I’ve ever heard is life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away, so why not take those moments, be positive and celebrate the gift of life.


That is a great quote, now Sue sends out every Monday a positive email and why don’t you tell our fans what they it come out into that.


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And it works.  I was really reading this morning, so thank guys connect with us on our web page here.  It’s Connect with us on our Facebook page, we would love for you to “like” our page so you can get updates on other positive messages.  It’s and you can watch all of our videos on our blog which is  Thanks and we’ll see you next week.


Thank you.

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Jonathan de la Garza


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