“At a glance, The Positive Pin™ is a small magnetic lapel pin shaped to remind the world to think positive thoughts more often, but in actuality; it is so much more than that!” ~ Jonathan de la Garza


My name is Jonathan de la Garza, I was born and raised in San Antonio Texas.  I grew up in a household where both parents had to work; I guess some would call that lower-middle class, others would call it middle class.  I lived a pretty happy childhood, having one older brother and one younger sister.  In high school I thought I wanted to be a draftsman or architect but those aspirations disappeared when I got into college.  I did however take a liking to music, because I always felt like it came easy to me.  I guess deep down I am a dreamer, someone who could spend hours imagining a future where there were no limitations and anything was possible.  I have always felt pretty happy-go-lucky and things always seemed to fall into place for me.  Somewhere deep down inside myself I always knew that things would always be alright.  I would later come to know it a “a feeling of expectancy” as Earl Nightengale called it.  After high school, a series of career changes led me to move to Houston and sell real estate in 1998.  It was there that I got into self help and self improvement books as well as audio recordings.  Among my favorites were Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Les Brown and Jim Rohn to name a few.  All of my favorite speakers talked about the power of the mind, goal setting and focusing on a positive future and becoming what you think about.  It was during a slump in real estate that I felt I needed something to remind me to think about what’s good in this situation.  It wasn’t being positive that was a challenge, it was remembering to think positive that was the challenge.  Like everyone else, I would get caught up in my day to day routines and forget to take the time to reflect on my blessings.  One morning at breakfast it hit me like a bolt of lightening; what about a little symbol to “think positive.”  I quickly sketched it out and a month later I had 100 Positive Pins™ to wear and share with my friends and family.  Finally, I had something that I could wear every day that would remind me to think positive thoughts more often.  My friends went crazy over the Positive Pin™ and when I introduced them to small business owners for their employees, I was told that there couldn’t be a better time to introduce this product.

I would be guessing if I told you what I think the Positive Pin™ could do for you, I can however tell you what it has done for me; and from the testimonials I have received, what it has done for my friends.  Since I have been wearing my pin (which has been almost every day since September 2009) my life is less stressed.  My real estate sales, self confidence and overall happiness have increased.  I am more sensitive to all the negativity that tries to attack my positive mood.  I am more patient, understanding and more forgiving to people conditioned to be negative, because they have not been exposed to The Positive Pin™.  When I share a Positive Pin™ with someone who has a positive attitude or someone that could use a reminder to think positive thoughts, the feeling of love that is exchanged touches my soul.  I hope you’ll join me on my journey to make the world a more positive place, one pin at a time.

Jonathan de la Garza

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