Think Positive with Project Positivity week #31

Watch as I finally get to interview Tommy Calvert, General Manager for KROVFM, a local radio station you can find at 91.7 HD2.  Tommy went to school with my girlfriend and I was introduced to him about two years ago.  Have you ever met someone that is willing to put the good of the community above the good of themselves?  Well that’s Tommy.  He’s one of those people that exudes self confidence and radiates a deep inner positive calmness.  Thank you Tommy for taking the time to let me interview you and thank you for letting me spread some positivity on your radio station.

Also, if you’re a recording artist, contact Tommy about recording at Studio 1400.



>> Jonathan:       Hey guys! It’s Jonathan with the Positive Pin ( We are at week # 31 of Project Positivity, for those of you who are new to our site, every week for 2012 and for the future, I’m gonna be meeting and recording somebody who I know or that I meet that has a great positive attitude and I’m happy to bring you Mr. Tommy Calvert. Tommy Calvert is the General Manager of KROV FM, it’s a radio station here in San Antonio but you can get anywhere that you have an internet connection, Tommy is actually, he went to high school with my girlfriend. He has a great attitude, and I’m sure as you see when you listen to him speak, you know what I’m talking about. So Tommy, please accept these positive pins as a thank you for being so positive, is there anything you wanna tell our fans about how thinking positive has affected you – in running a business and in your daily life.

>> Tommy:            Well yeah, I’m an entrepreneur like yourself, and if I didn’t have positive thinking, there, I would be from the get go, stuck and looking at all the obstacles around and I guess it kind of goes back to my own personal upbringing and just kind of historical sense of the folks who do great things. They focus on what they’re trying to do and they don’t necessarily get mired down and all of the negativity that surround them. For me, I know that my religious upbringing was a big part of just a positive outlook in terms of loving people and loving your neighbor and trying to do things that you know help other people, but and the big scheme of things, I just think that positive thinking is essential for anybody who is a person trying to make an impact to the world. And I think that’s kind of what we’re here for, is that try to make a difference to somebody’s life or make every day that we live, matter.

>>Jonathan:        Absolutely, yeah! We are all part of a collective, so we have to be accountable for not only ourselves, but for helping each other out, so I thank you for all the positive things you do for the community and thanks for being a friend.

>>Tommy:             Absolutely.

>>Jonathan:        Guys, connect with us on our webpage which is (, if you’re interested in getting a positive pin and change of positivity, send us your videos, we love to up up upload your videos to our site, send us a test module. Check out if you wanna get inspired us with some good positive music.

>> Tommy:            KROV FM.

>> Jonathan: 91.7 HD 2 and we’ll see you next week, week # 32.

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