Think Positive thoughts with Project Positivity – Week #34

Well it’s about time that I recognized Chris Gerhard for her relentless promoting of my mission.  She tirelessly gives away Positive Pins™ to people that she meets in need of a positive boost and her smile and calm demeanor always seems to make them putty in her hands.  She’s always smiling and know that as a business owner of Texas Gateway Realty, that a positive attitude is a MUST is she’s going to run a successful company.  Watch this video below and listen to what Chris has to say about thinking positive thoughts in her day.


Hey guys it’s Jonathan with The Positive Pin. We are now at week 34 of project positivity and I have the honor of presenting this weeks Positive Pin to Chris Gerhard. Now if you go on Facebook and you look at Chris’ profile you will never see a picture of her  frowning. She is always smiling, she always  has a great mood and I want to acknowledge her fantastic positive attitude with a Positive  Pin. Thank you Chris.
Thank you
She also promotes it all the time
All the time


So Chris, please tell our our fans what you

think about thinking positive and what it means
to you in your daily life and business.
Thinking positive is very important to me because when you project positivity, you get it back, ten fold. And to me it’s important in my business, it’s important in my everyday life. Jonathan says I have a smile on my face all the time, it’s because I am happy, I am positive and when you give that to other people, it makes them feel great and it just comes back, and thats, what better  thing to have everyone being happy all the time.
You’re right, giving a positive and sharing a positive pin with somebody creates this positive energy that you can’t explain and it’s so rewarding so, thank you for being so positive, thank you for all your  work and promoting it
Guys connect with us on our page, it’s Positive Pin dot com if you’re interested in getting some positive pins for your friends or family and check out some of our other posts. They’re on our blog, it’s Think Positive Blog dot com, so we will see you next week, week number 35. Thanks!

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