Think Positive with Project Positivity 2012 video #35

Well what can I say, I’m a sucker for a GREAT walnut chocolate chip cookie and great service!  Yes, I am back at Bird Bakery, my favorite local pastry shop.  Oh, and their fresh chicken salad sandwich is amazing too.  All of these delicacies are complimented by the staffs wonderful service.  Chances are when you go in you’ll be warmly greeted by front house supervisor Nicole Fratto.  Her sincere warm welcome will have you wondering if you’ve met before, because she makes you feel like you’re old friends.  Bravo to Elizabeth for hiring such a talented and friendly staff.  If I didn’t fear looking like a stalker I would be recording Melissa (another manager) for next weeks Project Positivity.  Oh well, I’ll be there soon enough getting her on film.  Until then watch what Nicole has to say about receiving this weeks Positive Pin™ and what thinking positive means to her.


Hey guys it’s Jonathan with The Positive Pin. We are now at week number 35 and if my setting looks familiar it’s because I was here two weeks ago recognizing Elizabeth Chambers for her wonderful positive attitude that she’s bringing to San Antonio, and I’m here for two reasons, because the food is fantastic and, their chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and because of the wonderful staff. I am here with Nicole Fratto, and Nicole, did I pronounce that right? Fratto?
Yeah, that’s perfect
Ok, so the very first time we came Nicole was here and she was just so energetic and positive and I loved that energy, so Nicole, I am actually doing something new this week. I’m acknowledging our positive people with two pins. One to wear and one to share, because that’s our motto, to wear it or share it. So please accept these positive pins for being so positive.
Thank you
and tell our fans what thinking positive means to you.
Well I hope many of you have already seen Elizabeths video so you know the positive environment that we have here and I try to emulate that every day but it’s also something that’s engrained in me just from being little and growing up with a really close family so we knew that if you were happy and you were
having a good day it was reflected in everybody  around you and so working with our wonderful  customers here I know that if I come in and smile and I’m positive then that will brighten their day and hopefully trickle effect to everybody they talk to, so it really means a lot to me to smile and be happy.
Well you’re doing a great job of it definitely because you’re always smiling, even when we’re here, anybody that comes in, you’re like “hi welcome” and “hey, good to see ya’ll” so that’s so awesome and thank you for being so awesome, and guys, if you’re interested in a Positive Pin you can get them at our website Positive Pin dot com, if you’re interested in more great videos like this go to Think Positive Blog dot com and we will see you next week, week number 36.

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