Think Positive Thoughts – Featuring Jacueline Mittelstadt

In this interview I sit down with Jacqueline Mittelstadt, a young superstar that I met a few weeks ago and award a Positive Pin™.  Jacqueline knows how important it is to think positive thoughts on a regular basis.  Her mom impressed upon her at an early age that ones attitude is their own personal responsibility.  When I met Jacqueline, she was interviewing people for a very creative endeavor called SA Teen Scene.  It’s a video show that focuses on stories aimed at teens.  She also has aspirations of being a speaker talk about ways to stop bullying.  She currently helps Kim Mittlestadt, her mom; at their upscale salon (KM Impressions) and started a campaign around a product she created called Prismatic Lip Sparkles, which is a high quality flavorful lip gloss that can help anyone feel happy and sassy.   As you’ll see from the video, she exudes positivity and a happy light attitude.  She’s a delight to chat with and I’m sure she’ll go very far in life.  To see what SA Teen Scene is about and to connect with them take a look at these links:




As always, it’s a pleasure to have you here and I hope to see you back on a regular basis.  If you want to nominate anyone to be interviewed please contact me.


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