the first Think Positive™ photo posting contest

This is something that I’ve considered doing for a long time but never made the time to officially put it together.  Well the time has come to hold myself accountable and continue my monthly Think Positive™ giveaways!  The goal is to get people to spend more time thinking positive thoughts by wearing or using any of my products.  All they need do is snap a photo of themselves wearing a Positive Pin™, a Think Positive™ cap or t-shirt, or drinking out of a Think Positive™ mug and post it to my Facebook page.  Every month I will draw one person at random to receive a special gift to help them remember to think positive thoughts.  I hope that this turns out to be something big and I hope that I can help people smile and live happier lives.

The winner of the first drawing is Mikayla, a student at a middle school where I gave a speech.  She was the first (and only from the school) to post a picture of herself and a Positive Pin™.  Thanks Mikayla, you’re a real trooper and I am sure that you’ll be living a happier life!

If you’re interested in participating, please post a photo of yourself wearing or using one of my products on my Facebook page.  You can enter every month as long as the picture is new!  I am looking forward to seeing you all on my Facebook page!

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