Spreading positivity with a Think Positive™ mug.

In this video I get the honor of recognizing two wonderful women, Traci East Gamel and Jeanette McKenna.  Ok, this is the back story:  Jeanette ordered 3 Think Positive™ mugs but I accidentally only sent 2.  When she got them both had been broken in the mail.  Of course, she was disappointed and I immediately shipped 3 more in their place.  This time making sure that I packed them with the utmost care.  Well when these 3 got to her 1 was broken!  So she kindly said “just give a mug to someone that deserves it.”  That was so kind of her but there was no way I was not going to give her what she paid for, so I sent her another mug triple packed in bubble wrap.

Last night I got to meet up with Traci East Gamel, an Ambassador for ViSalus and the first thing she said when I saw her was “I need to buy more positive pins for my team!”  She got 8 assorted colors and with her enthusiastic positive attitude I couldn’t think of anyone else to give it to.  Thank you Traci, I love how positive you are about life and for the support you give to my mission to help people think positive thoughts more often.  I am sure your coffee or tea will taste all the better in your new mug!


Jonathan de la Garza

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