Project Positivity – Think Positive™ with Semon Tam

In this installment I get to recognize Semon Tam, former model and all around positive wonderful person with a Positive Pin™.  I met Semon a few month ago at a local small concert.  Her positive energy was obvious and she kept the whole group laughing and smiling.  She also invited us to several galas including the big local Chinese New Year festival which was amazing!  One thing that I find keeps people in a positive state of mind is when they are giving.  I have heard almost all of the motivational speakers I listen to preach “true happiness and success can only be achieved in the service of others.”  She is a shining example of someone that gives of herself to other in a big way.  She’s also an amazing photographer too!  Thank you Semon for everything that you have done for me and remember to think positive thoughts every day!

Jonathan de la Garza

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