Project Positivity – Think Positive™ thoughts with Mike Hoover

In this installment I get to acknowledge someone I was curious about even before I knew who he was. Here’s the back story:

One sunny weekday I was driving and noticed a HUGE billboard with the words “THINK GOD” in bold black letters on a white background.  I wondered who was behind the advertisement.  Surely it wasn’t cheap, I mean this was a BIG billboard!  Would a church do this?  Seems like a big expense for a church to do, considering I saw several (about 10) of these big billboards all around town.  It left me wondering, and smiling at the same time.

Fast forward several months later and I am having dinner with some friends at a local hot spot.  While at dinner I am introduced to a lady named Leticia Arauz (future recipient of The Positive Pin™), whom was a guest of my friend Rico Riojas.  When she asked what I do I explained that I recognize people for their positive attitudes and document them on my blog.  She loved the idea and her positive attitude couldn’t be overlooked.  We chatted for a while and I knew that I had to get her on film.  She was up for the interview, but rather than be my next recipient she told me of an amazing man doing wonders for others.  His name is Mike Hoover, a commercial real estate broker; and you guessed it, the man behind the THINK GOD billboards!  I would like to say that I was shocked that life put me in touch with the very person I was wondering about a few months ago, but I am not.  Life has a beautiful way of connecting the dots in my life, with people I am destined to meet.  So in this video I get to chat with Mike about why he did what he did and how he stays positive about life.  Take a look at his website and let me know what you think.  Also, I don’t think he mentions it in the video, but he does this for free.  He’s not out to make money from the campaign or get recognition, only to help remind people to think about God more often.  He’s looking for someone to help them with some SEO and social media management of the Think God campaign so if you’re interested in helping this wonderful cause please contact him, but remember, he does this out of the goodness of his heart so we’re looking for like minded individuals.

Jonathan de la Garza

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