Project Positivity – Think Positive™ thoughts with Mandy Pilgrim

In this installment I get to honor Mandy Pilgrim with The Positive Pin™ for her fantastic attitude.  Mandy is a longtime friend of my girlfriend Pilar and was recommended for Project Positivity because as long as Pilar has known her she has always maintained a positive outlook on life.  Thanks to the invention of Facebook we are exposed to more of her philosophies and quotes.  I try to research the people that I recognize and Mandy certainly does exude most of the same positive principals that I do!  She loves affirmations, motivation and manifestations. I know it may sound a little kooky to some of you but if you ask anyone that has really achieved anything major in life, manifesting what they expect to happen is key.  Ever since the introduction of books like The Secret, The Power of Positive Thinking and Think and Grow Rich we are realizing the power of our minds.  I am a firm believer that what we focus on becomes our reality, so be careful what you think about!

Mandy is the Vice President of Preferred Client Development for First American Title Company at 10999 I-H 10 West, San Antonio TX and being in that position knows how important it is to stay positive.  When you are responsible to acquiring and maintaining happy clients and friends, there is no time to think negative thoughts.  Thank for doing the interview Mandy, I look forward to playing poker with you.  I hear that you’re a pretty good player.

Jonathan de la Garza

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