A positive future looms by reading positive quotes

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Have you ever found yourself dwelling on the past longer than you should? I sometimes do. It’s not unlike the scene from Napoleon Dynamite where Uncle Rico wishes he could go back in time, change a few things and his life would be different now. I guess the only difference is that I wouldn’t change anything, I would just want to relive the great feelings I remember having. That’s something that I am always work on, training myself to look towards the future, not the past, but being careful not to forget to live in the present. I am finding that there are a lot of things to keep in mind when creating the life we desire, so staying sharp and aware of our environment is extremely important.

My favorite speaker was Jim Rohn, but sadly he is no longer with us. I never got to see him speak in person, because by the time I happened upon his life changing audio series The Day That Turns Your Life Around he was at the end of his speaking career. He was loved by many of my new favorite speakers, and he said something that gives me hope for myself. He said “listen to me carefully but don’t watch me too closely. I’m working on this stuff too.” I love that he had the strength to say that even he has to work on himself. I try my best to submit positive quotes every day, not only to try to inspire others to live a more positive life but to remind myself too. There’s so much negative news and media out there that any bit of light I can spread makes a difference to me. Plus I believe that things happen for a reason, and I honestly believe that the positive posts I share will reach someone at the right time that they need it. You never know who you’re going to touch, and some seeds take longer than others to germinate.

On a personal note I am on track to read 2 books per month. That’s a huge goal for me since I have never been a huge reader. It’s believed that if someone reads one book per month their area of interest, that in 5 years they’ll be an expert in their chosen field. What would the world be like if we all became as amazing as we are capable of being? I hope one day we find out.

If I can be of service to anyone reading this blog, please call on me.


Jonathan de la Garza

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2 Replies to “A positive future looms by reading positive quotes”

    • That’s a good point Brian. I know I’ve had my share of days where I don’t feel like it started off like I’d want it to, but like most things, I give people the right to turn it around. I wouldn’t stay away from someone if they told me that once, but if that was their routine, then I’d ask them to consider the things that don’t suck in their lives. When people realize what they have going for them, they’re less likely to think things are bad in their lives. Thanks for your comment though, I sincerely appreciate it.

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