Think Positive with Project Positivity 2012 Week #43

I had the pleasure of meeting Don Varney several months ago at a networking event he coordinates here in San Antonio.  I have seen the invitations to these events but never made the time to go to one, but fate pulled me to going to that one.  What I didn’t know is that I would meet the amazing Ms. Sue Thompson (Project Positivity Week #32 recipient) and other key people of positive influence.  I shall be forever thankful to Don for that.

Don has done a number of things (as you can read in his bio) but what I found refreshing was that he is taking a real interest in film direction and media coaching.  He had some great ideas for the following video clip and is open to consulting or directing any video productions that you are working on.  Don has won awards for recruiting, he has been CEO of more than one company, is a business consultant, strategist and motivator and also a dynamic public speaker.  Take a look at his credentials and his website at and consider him for any business coaching you may need.  Thanks Don for the work you do in our city, I am honored to present you with a Positive  Pin™.

Watch the video:

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