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Sarah Brooke

In this installment I get to sit down with Sarah Brooke Lyons, a local photographer with a great idea called 1005 faces, where she highlights the diversity of San Antonio residents in a simple yet creative way.  Take a look at her Facebook page (1005 Faces) and give it a “Like.”  Sarah Brooke was recommended to me from a few people on the day that I met her at an art even in downtown San Antonio.  I could tell the minute that I met her that I liked her energy.   There she was, swamped with people wanting to get their picture taken for her project, being bombarded with questions and requests, and still having a huge smile on her face.  I could tell that she likes what she is doing, and I am sure she has a bright future ahead of her.  Sarah Brooke is a professional photographer and you can see her talents (and hire her) at her website Sarah Brooke Photography.  I was very impressed that she’s also a humanitarian and will be packing up and leaving the country to go to Brazil to lend a hand there.  The one thing that stood out to me in her interview was that she acknowledges that she has tough days, and negativity can be present, but she doesn’t focus on what’s her challenges.  She saw that if she focused on the negative, it’s harder to get out of it later.  She also knows that immersing ourselves in work (like meeting the 1005 people for her project) exposes her to new interesting things, people, and stories that she would otherwise not know or hear.  I could have listened to her stories for several hours.  Maybe she’ll write a book about the people in her project and tell us what they meant by the signs they are holding up.  It’s funny how we see ourselves and how other see us.  The day that I met her, she claims that she was frazzled and that a ton of things were going on, but from my perspective she seemed calm, in control, and having a great time doing what she loved.  Thanks Sarah Brooke, I sincerely appreciate your interview and what you’ve given me to think about.



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