Project Positivity 2012 Volume 11 – Think Positive™

This week Neal Williamson (of TequilaMe) received the Positive Pin™ for being a supporter and great representative of thinking positive thoughts and how it is essential if you want to live a happy life or expect your business to be productive.


Hey guys, Jonathan with the Positive Pin™ and we are at week numbered eleven for Project Positivity and I couldn’t think of a better recipient than Neal. Neal has his own tequila company and i’m sure he can tell you that he has to keep a positive attitude, and i’ve never seen this guy frown, he’s always smiling so Neal is going to be the recipient of this week’s Positive Pin™. Neal,what you want to say about thinking positive.
I aim so honored and uh, thinking positive is a way of life, should be a way of life for everybody, it’s almost like a new lifestyle suggestion that we like to promote. thinking positive, being positive, it, it really infects other people to do the same, thank you so much.
Thanks Neal, and drink TequilaMe
Ah, Abrázame, Bésame, Tequilame

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