Need a reminder to stay positive?

Good morning friends,

I hope that you’re all having a great week and staying positive!  I’d like to encourage you all to contact me if you have something positive to share, because the more we can bring sunshine and bright positive light to the world, the more of an impact we’ll make.

So the other day I got an email from someone asking me to review this application that was created to remind people to think positive thoughts throughout their day.  It’s actually an idea that I had too a while ago, but did not take action on creating it.  I am glad that someone has taken the initiative to help generate some positive energy out there.  Thank you Yaron Ilani for creating this neat and helpful application.  I hope that a lot of people support you with your endeavor.

Remember that our lives are what we make of it.  We can choose to be positive and focus on our blessings or we can choose to be negative and focus on all of our challenges.  Everyone has challenges, the thing that separates the happy people from the sad ones are what they focus on.  I’m here if you need me, and I hope that I can help you stay positive with my commitment to spread positivity around the web and the world.

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