Follow your talents for a happier life

Today I met a friend for breakfast and we caught up on the weeks events.  While chatting we noticed a table of police officers sit down across from us and Matt and I talked about our thoughts about being in law enforcement.   After they had gone, the waitress noticed that one of them left a napkin with two sketches on it.   She was so delighted at his talent and she showed it to several tables around us.  It reminded me of one of my favorite topics, natural talent.  Some people also call it “God given talent.”  We’ve all heard the phrase “oh she’s a natural” or “he’s always been good at that” but how many of us stop to think about what it means and the potential that some of us could achieve if we really exploited our natural God given talents?  I love how Les Brown, motivational speaker; says the richest places in the world  are not the diamond or gold mines in Africa, but the graveyard.  Because there rest the dreams, inventions, books, and amazing ideas that were never realized.  Things that could have changed the world have gone to the grave with people who did not follow their dreams and talents.  It’s quite possible that the cure for many of our diseases are there in someones grave.  I highly doubt that this officer knew the joy he would give to the waitress when he drew his art.  If he did, I bet he’d do it more often.  Take Grandma Moses for example, who did not really start painting until her 70’s, only to become famous and an inspiration for elderly everywhere.  Her paintings have even sold in the millions of dollars.  What would her life had been like if she started painting at an earlier age?  How would the world have benefited?  Live your dreams, think positive thoughts, love everyone, and never forget how blessed we all are.

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