Think Positive with Project Positivity 2012 Week #47

I am honored to recognize yet another Toastmaster to Project Positivity, and when you hear her soothing and warm voice you’ll understand why she deserves a Positive Pin™.  I met Charmiene Maxwell-Batten at a mastermind group I attended and convinced her to come take a look at Toastmasters.  I was immediately drawn to her pleasant soft natured attitude and kind and giving heart.  She’s a very talented woman with entertaining stories that you could listen to for days on end.  She has traveled the world and photographed most of too! Aside from being a photographer she’s also a writer and life coach.  Here are her links so you can see what she’s up to and connect with her.  Thank you Charmiene for being on Project Positivity.

Galatea Life Coaching

Charmiene’s Scenic Photography

Charmiene’s Books

Watch the video:

Jonathan de la Garza

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