Think Positive with Project Positivity 2012 Week #39

This week I got to meet Matt Ward, acknowledge his positive attitude with a Positive Pin™  and hear his inspirational life story.  Matt helps change peoples lives through a company called ViSalus.  ViSalus has the number one health and weight loss platform in North America, all focused around their delicious shakes and a 90 day challenge.  I am happy to say that I tried the shakes and I love them, but more than that, I love the philosophy of the company and the people that work there.  They are tackling the obesity epidemic in North America and making a difference and with people like Matt on board I know they’ll make a difference.  Listen to what Matt says about what he did to reach millionaire status.  Whenever I get the chance to learn or listen to a millionaire I do, and I recommend you to the same.

Watch the video:


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