Think Positive Thoughts with Project Positivity 2012 Week #50

“To think positive thoughts, think positive quotes”

It’s been another monumental week for The Positive Pin™ and Project Positivity.  One of the many things that I love about what I do is forging new positive alliances with forward thinking people.  Take Jorge Quiroz for example.  Jorge owns Orangecup, which offers pure, nutritional nonfat frozen yogurt made with natural ingredients and live & active cultures.  When I say that their products are delicious, I mean it.   They currently have an imported Italian chocolate or peanut-butter crunch topping that will knock your socks off!  They keep it simple, by offering certain key flavors, so as not to overwhelm their clients with too many choices. This has allowed them to perfect their product while at the same time offering you pretty much whatever flavor choices you may be craving.  I know this may sound like a commercial advertisement for these guys, but I just love what they are doing.  Take a look at their Facebook page and give them a like:

I met Jorge and his staff about a week ago through my girlfriend Pilar, and they were very enthusiastic about my mission, as it follows very closely what they already practice.  He told me about some great things that they are doing with the stores in Mexico and I am looking forward to joining forces here in Texas and doing some real positive things for the community.  We’re even talking about creating a special Orange Positive Pin™ just for OrangeCup.  Stay tuned for the progress on that, and please, go visit one of their locations.

Jonathan de la Garza

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