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In this installment I get to sit down with Julie Boucher, who is currently holding down the fort known as Bird Bakery while the owners are away.  They couldn’t have asked for a better spokesperson to step in for them.  I stopped by Bird Bakery the other day for lunch and Nicole Fratto, another Bird Bakery employee told me that I needed to get Julie on Project Positivity since she embodies everything positive.  I’m not sure how long we’ll have Julie here from Los Angeles, but hopefully it’s for a while.  I’ve always been told that San Antonio is one of the friendliest cities that people visit so adding another positive and friendly person is always a good thing.  Julie also lends a hand with the Hammered Heart Foundation, a non-profit that helps people left destitute from divorce and abandonment.  Please take look and support their honorable mission.  When I sat down with Julie, we had a nice chat about the challenges she’s gone through and I asked her frankly “why are you here?”  Without a second thought she said “to help people, and to leave people feeling better after I meet them.”  I thought that was a beautiful and sincere answer.  Watch the video and please tell me what you think.



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