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In this installment I get to speak with Chuck Cureau and find out how he keeps his fantastic outlook on life.  Chuck is a staple at the San Antonio Spurs games as an announcer between quarters and at half time, coordinating the fun audience participation events the keep the crowd entertained.  Chuck is also a trainer at Sea World and does quite a bit of local commercials.  I met Chuck back in the early 90’s and I am so happy to see his career flourish.  Every time that I see Chuck out and about town he always has a smile on his face and has a contagiously positive attitude.  Chuck and I share a lot of the same philosophies about positive quotes and I am sure that his live will be a happy and successful one.  Thanks Chuck, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to speak to us and sharing your mission statement.



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Hey guys its Jonathan with Project Positivity
and I am excited, I am here with Chuck Cureau,
Cureau, I am pronouncing correct? ok good.
Chuck is a San Antonio icon, he’s going to laugh
about that. I’ve known Chuck for, since the early
90’s. He is inspirational to me if you ever go to a
Spurs game you’re going to see Chuck, if you’re
ever in the local San Antonio market you’re going
to see him on tv, he’s just a really inspiring and
positive person and I am very very thankful to get
Chuck on camera to talk to you guys a little bit
about positivity and how he stays positive because
if you ever see him or hear him you know he’s a
really positive guy. So Chuck, please accept
this this Positive Pin, it’s just an acknowledgement
to you.
Thank you, it’s an honor, you know
What do you do to stay positive?
What do I do to stay positive, you know
Well first off I’m only human and there are
Positive days and there are days that aren’t
so positive but just try to throw those days
throw those instances out and you’ve got
to look at it as the glass being half full as opposed to
half empty because there’s always people out
there who are worse off than you are and I know
that’s not the most positive thing to say but there
really is and sometimes seeing that and realizing
that puts it all into perspective how blessed that we
really are. And for me, as a spiritual person, it’s a
God thing. I’m so pleased that Gods in my life and
he helps to keep me positive and to do what’s best
for me and I think when you have a positive attitude
you see things as half full as opposed to half
empty and you think about the good things and
think that you can achieve it. I’ve got a quick story
for you if I might. um I’ve been, about 25 years ago,
well 26 years ago I wanted to be an animal trainer
at Sea World um I wanted to swim with the whales
and dolphins and sea lions and interact with them
and train them and help maintain and educate people
but there was one thing standing in my way, I didn’t
know how to swim, so you can’t work at Sea World
in the animal training department if you can’t swim
so I joined a gym and I went there every day, I
went there every day for 9 months and there
were times when it was so difficult because
you know when you live 21 years and you’re afraid
to put your face under water, um, it’s a tough thing
I was very frightened of that and there were times
when I’d be in the water and try to put my face under
water and felt I was choking or the world was closing
in on me I said I can’t do this I can’t do this so I get
out, go in the shower and sit there and go you can
do this, you you CAN Do this, so I’d put my shorts back
on go back in the pool it took me 9 months from not being
able to swim to being able to swim and pass the swim
test at Sea World and that was 25 years ago I hit my
25 year anniversary at Sea World just last week uh
and I’m so happy that uh back in the late 80’s I said
I CAN Swim even though I couldn’t at the time. I said
I can swim and you think enough about it it comes
to fruition.
You’re absolutely right and going back to thinking about
other people that’s who, who may be worse off than
us, Iv’e said in previous videos, It’s one of my practices
and I don’t dwell on other people that are less fortunate
that I am but when we realize how how lucky we are how
blessed we are how you guys watching this video you
have the internet and the vast majority of the population
of the world does not have the internet, so we’re really
blessed and and love about your story Chuck is that
positive reaffirmation that you can do something you
can do something so we all have challenges but if you
give up, it’s just such a defeating thing, you just have
to have faith in yourself faith in God. A common, a common thread in my videos if you guys have seen the other
videos that I’ve done is faith in God.
you know several years ago I decided to create a
mission statement I’ve heard about mission statements
for businesses and I decided why can’t I have a
mission statement for myself um and I’d love to share
that with you. Um, with God as my inspiration using my
skills talents and abilities to create happiness for myself
and others. So I try, I am by no means perfect by no
means successful all the time but I really try whenever
I can just to try to create happiness for other people and
myself and I think um, and I think if you try to create
happiness for other people you will find happiness for
yourself and it starts with being positive
You’re right, that’s uh that’s actually one of my favorite
speakers we unfortunately lost him earlier this year
Zig Ziglar and one of his famous quotes if not his
most famous was if you help enough people
get what they want you get everything that you want
yeah so it’s just well Chuck thank you for doing this
Thank you, this means a lot I’m going to wear this
around town
I wear mine every day
I’m gonna put it on right now brother
Guys if you’re interested in getting positive pin you
know where to go go to or if
you’d like to hear other great testimonials like amazing
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it’s and we will see you
with our next inspiring positive person

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