Think Positive Thoughts with Project Positivity 2012 Week #48

It is my honor to recognize Adiba A. Twigg with week #48’s Positive Pin.  I surprised her this week because she had NO IDEA that I was going to recognize her and this video will definitely make you smile.  I met Adiba about a month ago at a networking event for her health business and her and her sister Amira were warm and caring and loved what am doing.  She’s already recommended several people for Project Positivity and I am looking forward to a long positive relationship working with her.  She has been a big proponent of my mission and has purchased several Think Positive™ coffee mugs that she packages with her Shaklee teas in order to keep people healthy and positive.  She gives them out as a the perfect gift for the holiday season and helps reminds people to think positive thoughts.  If you’re interested in wearing or sharing some Positive Pins™ or Think Positive merchandise please go to

Watch the video:

Jonathan de la Garza

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