The end to another successful week.

think positive

     So draws to an end another glorious week of positive experiences and friendships forged.  This week we got to see the largest moon of the year.  Facebook was peppered with peoples photos of the big yellow beauty.  Also this week I learned a few things about building a website, in particular WooCommerce; a payment gateway for WordPress sites.  I aslo got to help out a friend, Sarah Brooke Lyons at Whole Foods with a project that I find fascinating.  It’s called 1005 Faces and her goal is to photograph 1005 people showcasing the diversity of San Antonio.  I happen to be #307 of 1005 and together we probably added another 40-50 people over the course of the event.  While helping out I met a lady named Lisa that was wearing a Pink Positive Pin™ (see the previous post) and I was honored to get her on film explaining how she came upon it.  I helped a client realize the dream of homeownership (he bought his very first house) and I am helping another client buy one for himself too.  As it turns out, he’s a sous-chef at P.F. Changs, a place I used to work at 15 years ago!  What a small world it is.  A small and beautiful world.

     Today we enjoyed one of the best Sunday brunches in San Antonio.  The brunch at Las Canarias in La Mansion.  We sipped mimosas, had bananas fosters and stuffed our faces with too many gourmet delights to mention.  Brahim our waiter even surprised us with chocolate covered strawberries and truffels at the end.

     I am also putting the finishing touches on quite possibly my most important speech to date.  Next Saturday I will be speaking to the National Court Reporters Association and I am very excited.  There is so much I want to say, but more importantly, I want to deliver relevant useful information and positive quotes   I came up with a little quote today for the speech, it goes “Start your day with projection, finish your day with reflection.”  Thus this blog.  I am recapping my week of positive experiences so that I go to bed on a high note.  I highly recommend doing the same, every night.  Start your day with projection.  Project the kind of day you expect to have, and make it a great one.  Finish your day with reflection.  Reflect on the things that happened to you and how you could have made them better.  Without going into personal details about myself, I will tell you that I know I could have been a better, stronger, and more positive person today.  I hope you all have a wonderful night, and an even more wonderful week!


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