Project Positivity 2012 Volume 22 – Think Positive™

For week #22 of Project Positivity 2012 we chose Dan Kubinski as our recipient of the Positive Pin™.  Dan has been a major positive influence in my life and I am honored to call him a friend.  Dans is the principal broker at Crowned Eagle Realty, LLC and regularly conducts trainings on how to sell HUD homes.  During these trainings he is constantly rewarding agents with Positive Pins™ when they participate in the event.  Thank you Dan.


So this is week number twenty-two of project positivity and the recipient this week’s Positive Pin has been a major influence on thinking  positive in my life, it’s the guy that got me into real estate and has been a fantastic mentor, his name is Dan Kubinski. So Dan, please accept this Positive Pin and tell our fans what
you think about the benefits thinning positive.
Wow, that’s a lot, um, first of all Jonathan’s been fantastic, but I think people’s attitudes, um, is so  important in what they do, because, what  I always tell our youngest daughter, I always tell her that you create your own heaven and you create your own hell in  you head, so it’s just how you think about things, it’s all, it has to do with attitude. So I promote this stuff all the time. Ok.
Thanks Dan, Thanks guys


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