Book Review: How Life Works by Andrew Matthews

Today I am sharing my review of the book How Life Works by Andrew Matthews. About a month ago I was contacted by Nicole MacSween of Seashell Publishing asking me to review this book by one of their authors. Nicole had come across my blog and since Andrew and I are on a similar mission, she took it upon herself to send me a signed copy to read. She felt that I could help spread his message and his wonderful portfolio of good readings. I couldn’t be more honored, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. But of course it would happen at this time, since things in life happen exactly when they are supposed to happen. Of course, sometimes we can speed things up a little bit, but in general things are going to play out pretty close to when the Universe, and our way of thinking decides it should happen. That may not be everyones belief, but it’s mine and the opinion of a few other successful people that I know.

Now on to the book review. I really liked this book for a number of reasons, but most importantly because it kept me entertained and mentally stimulated. I have been strengthening my reading skills lately since I have not always been a voracious reader. It is one of my major goals in life, to become a great reader. I found this book easy to understand with simple principals and strategies that I can use on a daily basis to make my life more enjoyable. I also liked the illustrations that Andrew uses to lighten up the mood and to draw a point to the message he’s making. Compared to other similar type books I have read, this one was fun. It kept me entertained and was not filled with hard to follow principals that are easily forgotten or discarded.  If I’m not mistaken, he’s the illustrator too! What a talented guy! I get great joy in seeing someone use their natural born talents. Rather than ramble on about how good I thought the book is I am simply going to share some of the things that I highlighted in my first read of the book. Upon my second and future readings I am sure I will be highlighting other things that stand out to me at that point in my life. These highlighted passages are not a full interpretation of the book, just the things that stood out to me in my first read. Hopefully they will peak your curiosity enough to get a copy for yourself.  Without further adieu, here are some things that stood out to me:

  • Why is it when good things happen, more good things happen?
  • thought affects matter, and everybody and everything is connected.
  • What matters is how you FEEL.
  • Whether you get the job of your dreams, whether you stay healthy, or whether you find your perfect life partner depends on how you FEEL.
  • thought is creative, and the more you think about something – whether you want it or whether you don’t – the more likely it is to happen.
  • In a battle between willpower and your subconscious mind, your subconscious will always win.
  • Ninety-nine percent of your brain power is in that part of your mind of which you are not aware.
  • It is easy to create new programs before you are six years old.
  • Negative people don’t think they’re negative. They think they are realistic.
  • ask yourself “What’s good about this?”
  • But many people give up too soon.
  • Dr. Masaru Emoto has spend decades studying water.
  • changing your thoughts can change how you feel.
  • A change of feeling is a change of destiny. ~ Neville Goddard
  • It’s not what you know so much as how you feel.
  • To get what you want, you first need to have the feeling of what you want
  • Feeling is the prayer!
  • when all doubt is eliminated – the goal is yours.
  • Affirmations without feelings ARE useless;
  • If you want to see it happen you first need to feel it happen.
  • Laws don’t care what you think.
  • Neville Goddard, 20th century lecturer and author, explains in his book, Feeling Is the Secret: The subconscious is the womb of creation…
  • quantum physics and Professor Wolfgang Pauli,
  • Pauli won his Nobel Prize in 1945.
  • People who succeed don’t dream about money. They dream about how they will make it and what they will do with it.
  • Thinking about the LACK of prosperity is exactly the opposite to thinking about prosperity.
  • It matters more than people ever imagine.
  • If you feel GOOD when you are thinking about your goal, you are creating good things.
  • Your mission is to FEEL GOOD EVERY WAKING HOUR.
  • believing it and feeling good cause it to happen.
  • Small Steps
  • You need to refine your ball of energy.
  • Your mission is just to assume the feeling.
  • When your goal isn’t showing up, one of these explanations is likely.
  • But in most other instances, see and feel your goals achieved and let them unfold in their own time.
  • “How you think matters, but the real power is in how you feel.”
  • How different the world looks when we fall in love!
  • If you love yourself, people will love you.
  • There is another way to live: believe that the Universe is plotting to make you happy.
  • We attract what we fear.
  • fill your mind with thoughts of health and happiness.
  • Many people forget the foundations. They are all action and effort.
  • It’s called synchronicity.
  • Action is thought in motion.
  • Action accelerates results.
  • “I have what I need” is the starting point for a much easier life.
  • Nature seeks balance,
  • Few things make us feel lighter and happier than giving someone a present, a compliment or a helping hand. When we give happily, we feel wonderful.
  • Here’s a principal which seems to make no sense: whatever it is that you most want, share it.
  • The Sanskrit word for your purpose in life is “dharma”
  • When we express those talents, we find joy.
  • we are most likely to discover those talents when we ask, “What can I give?” rather than, “What can I get back?”
  • Life is like riding a stream.
  • energy flows into your being every time you say, “THIS IS A GREAT MOMENT!”
  • Today I will judge nothing that occurs.
  • Acceptance means, “This is where I am – and now I move on to what I want.”
  • “I don’t know why, but this is okay!” And then look for a reason to be happy now.
  • Resenting people keeps you STUCK, Forgiveness sets you free.
  • If I ACCEPT myself, I feel good. When I feel good, I get loved and appreciated. I get opportunities. Things work out.
  • when you have belief your energy changes.
  • Dr. Bruce Lipton
  • The Biology of Belief,
  • Negative thoughts are toxic
  • Wellness and disease begin in the mind.
  • Your heart not only knows things; it remembers them.
  • So your happiness benefits everyone around you
  • Will Success Make Me Happy?
  • No. You have to be happy first.
  • gratitude changes you.
  • Gratitude is the fast track to the life you want.
  • each time you look at it, be sure to say “I AM fortunate,” and not “How happy I WAS.”
  • What you focus on expands.

Thank you Nicole for finding my blog and sharing Andrews book with me. I am looking forward to acquiring other publications of his.

If you’re interested in more of Andrew Matthews works click this LINK to browse his library of literature and connect with him on his Facebook page.

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  1. Wow! What amazing points you got from the book. They are all powerful. I really like this one: “Action is thought in motion.” I love to keep my thought in motion by blogging!

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