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Yesterday I got the opportunity to speak with a wonderful group of people about The Positive Pin™ and my mission to think and spread positivity.  The group in known as the NEISD Family Specialists and they touch the lives of several students, parents, and the community as a whole.  To give you an idea of what they do, this is an excerpt from their website:

Family Specialists are located at 35 of the NEISD campuses and provide support and services for students and their families, creating a true connection between home life, school life and community life.

In collaboration with school staff, the Family Specialists:

  • provide families with information from the district, community agencies, city and state institutions, and any other organizations that might benefit those with specific needs;
  • facilitate and conduct parent education classes, counseling and mentoring;
  • assist students and families to reach their maximum educational benefits; and
  • provide support to those who are in emotional or financial crisis.

Family Specialists have the knowledge and concern for the wide range of social, emotional, cultural, and economic differences among the student’s families.

As you can see they are doing some great things for people in need.  So when I was asked to speak to them and to help them start of the coming year on a positive note, I was honored to say the least.  Let me replay (albeit quickly) the day.

I woke up early and looked through my closet at what suit to wear.  I decided to wear a gray suit that I quite like.  Now I had to choose a shirt, but which one should I wear?  So I thought to myself “the light blue looks great with the grey, a white shirt would look classic, maybe this new pink striped one would look nice……hmm, I think I’ll wear this lavender one, I haven’t worn it in a while.”

Little did I know that making that decision would be a God-wink.  Near the end of my speech Jeanette, the coordinator; asked me why I wore a lavender shirt.  I told her that it just sort of popped out to me.  When she asked that, I looked around and noticed that almost everyone had lavender or purple on.  I was so focused on delivering a good speech that I didn’t notice.  Apparently one of the family specialists had passed away tragically in a car accident a few weeks earlier, and since lavender was her favorite color everyone decided to honor her by wearing it that day.  Apparently she was deeply loved because almost the whole room was in tears after one of the ladies delivered a remembrance message about her.  I would like to say that I was shocked that of all of the shirts in my closet, I chose lavender, but I am not.  Things happen for a reason, I sincerely believe that.  Being at peace and being positive is a wonderful way to live, and I hope that more people get to live their lives that way.  Share positive thoughts, share positive quotes, believe in the power of positive thinking, and lets make this world a more positive place to be.



Jonathan de la Garza

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