Moving my life in a positive direction



I got the opportunity to speak to a gifted young group of kids at the Geroge Gervin Academy and was it an extremely rewarding experience. Although the classroom was small, I felt like I made a more sincere connection with them. I wanted to share with them some of the principals that I have learned and continue to learn in my adulthood. In my youth, I was never taught about the power of visualization, goal setting and developing a positive attitude. Reflecting back, I think I could have really benefited from those principals. So I am on a mission to help as many young kids as I can, develop some sound positive principals to living a more positive, happier, productive and successful life.

I have a few exercises that I like to use with the students I speak to, showing them the importance of setting goals and taking positive action to get the things they want in life. I also gave them all a small journal to take home, in order to stimulate goal setting and reflection on the things they want. It is my opinion that when we set a goal for ourselves, and we are constantly looking and the goal, we then begin to attract that goal from the action we take to attain it. I stress to them that they can’t simply write the goal down and expect it to happen, they need to take action steps to reach that goal. I also tell them that the real power is not always reaching the goal, but what they become on the way to getting what they want. There will be times that they ultimately change their goal when they are close to hitting it, but what they will not change is what they’ve learned on the way to it’s achievement. I shared with them some positive quotes and a positive poem that I wrote. Lastly I ended the speech by giving them all a Positive Pin™ to wear in the hopes that it will remind themselves to live a more positive life and go after their goals.

In the end I think they all took something positive away from the speech, and that was the most rewarding thing to me. They may not have realized it, but they are helping me live a dream!


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Jonathan de la Garza