Counting your blessings helps positivity


On the way to Houston yesterday (so my father could have a specialist look at him) we saw a van on the freeway roll three times towards us.  For a second we thought it was going to roll right into us head on going 70 miles per hour.  Thankfully a number of things happened to protect us and the drivers of the van.  Apparently they had a rear tire blow out causing them to lose control and catch the soft dirt, which began the roll.  The wires that separated the freeway traffic did their job and stopped them from rolling into oncoming traffic.  We were the first on the scene, bolting across the freeway to make sure they were safe.  Both drivers were miraculously unscathed but were shaken up quite a bit, in fact, the driver asked “did we roll?”  I said “yes, three times.”  He was shocked and his hands were shaking violently.  In fact, he couldn’t even dial the phone because of how bad his hands were shaking.  He kept repeating “Gracias a Dios.”  He was thanking the Lord for protecting him and his passenger friend.

Seeing this was another reminder to me that life is fleeting, and can be taken away at a moments notice.  It had me wondering what kind of legacy I would leave if I was to be gone today.  I have to disclose to you, I am happy with all that I have done in my life, but there is so much more that I want to accomplish.  Not only for myself, but for the world.  I want to leave something that people can grow with and use to improve their lives.  Look out future, I have some great things in the works!