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The Positive Pin™

So yesterday I was at Whole Foods in San Antonio (Quarry location) helping a friend Sarah Brooke Lyons with a project she is doing called 1005 Faces, and I look up and see Lisa wearing a Pink Positive Pin™.  I love when I meet people that are wearing them.  I get to ask them how they got it, and about their story.  Lisa apparently was at the Home and Garden Show last year, saw and met  Bob Guiney (from The Bachelor) and asked him about the Positive Pin™ that was wearing!  I had given Bob one because his amazingly positive attitude.  Bob was kind enough to give her the little card that his came on, and Lisa came to my webpage and ordered some.  She said she loves sharing them with people, both positive and negative ones.  I couldn’t agree with her more, that feeling of love and positivity when you share one with someone is unlike anything else in the world.  She said she was glad to meet me, but I was the real winner in that exchange.  I get to meet someone that supports my mission, believes what I believe, and has a beautiful wonderful story about living a positive life.



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Do you have a positive story or positive quotes that you’d like to share with me and our audience?  Are you interested in being a guest blogger for my Think Positive Blog?  Would you like to recognize someones positivity with a Positive Pin™?  It’s proven that our thoughts become our reality, and if you want to harness the power of positive thinking, you have to keep a positive outlook in your life every day.  Please contact me about ways that we can collaborate and make the internet, the world, and our lives a more positive place.

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