Project Positivity – Think Positive™ with Eric DeWalt

In this  video I sit down with Eric DeWalt, an attorney, entrepreneur, candidate for judge, part time volunteer clown, and much more. Eric was a recommendation from Rico Riojas, a previous Project Positivity recipient. Rico had a lot of great things to say about Eric and when we sat down and chatted, I understood what Rico was talking about. Eric is really into giving back to the community, either by hosting events at his office for Central Catholic High School alumni, to raising fund for the Shriners by dressing up as a clown and bringing joy to many kids lives. It’s not surprise to me that he’s successful, because he shares a common trait with the most successful people out there.  He makes sure that he gives back to the community.  It’s like that old adage that Zig Ziglar used to say, “you can have everything in life that you want, if you just help enough people get what they want.” Eric, it was an honor to meet you and I wish you continued success.

I’ve always liked the phrase “it’s simple, but not easy.”  That’s how I feel when it comes to keeping a positive outlook on life.  The principals are simple, but sometimes they are not easy to do.  We get lazy, or distracted.   When you surround yourself with positive people, you feel more positive about your life.  The same holds true for negativity, if you hang around negative people, you’ll become just like them.  So do your best to be around positive people, and if all of your friends are negative, then be alone.  It is better to be alone and in a positive spirit, than be with a group of people that are negative.  Seek out like minded positive people and your unlimited successful future is guaranteed!  Also read great positive books like The Power of Positive ThinkingThink and Grow RichThree Feet from Gold, and a number of other inspirational and motivating books.  Whatever you want to be or become, chances are high that someone that has already done it and become successful has written a book about it.  Read that book!  I love the saying “leaders are readers” because it reminds me that I need to continue to read more and more every day.

If you know of anyone that should be recognized for their positive attitude, please contact me so that we can keep this positive vibe spreading.  And get some Positive Pins™ to wear or share!



Jonathan de la Garza

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