Thinking Positive thoughts with Project Positivity Week #29

What a great week July#29 was.  We celebrated my girlfriends birthday dinner with friends at a local outdoor pizza restaurant and despite expecting hot weather, it was really really nice.  We were seated in the shade and as soon as the sun set, the temperature dropped enough to keep us all very comfortable.  One of our guests was Leandra Hernandez, a long time friend of Pilars.  I met Leandra about a month ago and she has such a great positive attitude that I knew I’d get her to be a recipient of my Positive Pin for Project Positivity.  Watch this video and see what I mean.



OK guys this is week number 29 with Project Positivity and my recipient this week of The Positive Pin is Leandra  Hernandez.  Now Leandra was known in

London as “Miss Positivity” and I met her a couple of times before, maybe about a month ago through my beautiful girlfriend Pilar and she has a great attitude and I’m sure she’ll be able to explain to you all why she thinks being positive is a great way of life, so Leandra, here take the Positive Pin™ and tell our fans what you think about being positive.


Think Positive, very excited to receive this so thank you very much.  Positivity is really important, um, it’s a great thing to have everyday.  Life is hard for me, for all of us, we’re all people it’s important to wake up and seize each day as a new day and think positive and despite our negativities and hardships in life and everything that comes at us and thrown at us whether it’s sickness and job loss and anything that is in that realm it’s important to think of each day as a new day, and think positive and I always wake up and I have to think you know maybe yesterday was a little tough or maybe last week was a little tough but you know what, today is a new day it’s time to think positive.  It’s important to, to look at the sunshine, smell the flowers, stop and smell the roses and Think Positive.


You’re right, I love it.  Every day is a new day,  it’s a new day to start over and thank you, awesome. Thanks guys, connect, connect with me on my page right here below and we’ll see you next week

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