Thinking Positive Thoughts with Project Positivity week #28

What an amazing week this has been!  I got to visit a city that I’ve never been to (Miami) and I got to meet some extremely great people.  For starters I met the ideal recipient for my Positive Pin™, former Miss Texas Molly Hazlett Simmons.  Molly now works as the director of development for the South Florida Baptist Children’s Home and is giving, kind and positive.  She is the model positive person I like meeting.  Watch her video below and see what I’m talking about.  Secondly I met Dr. Joseph McClendon III, author and motivator extraordinaire!  I had to buy his book Get Happy Now after hearing him speak.  Looking forward to learning what he has to say.  Lastly by happenstance (or guided by a path that a higher power has set out for me) I ended up at a lounge where ViSalus founders were celebrating and I got to give two of them a Positive Pin.  Nick Sarnicola was so kind and humble and Blake Mallen was funny and patient when my camera took forever to snap our photo.  If you have not heard about this company you should look into it.  They’re on a mission to help the world get healthy.  Take a look at my Facebook photos and enjoy the Miami scenery.




Hey guys it’s Jonathan with The Positive Pin.  We are now at week number 28 of Project Positivity and my recipient of this weeks Positive Pin is Molly Simmons.  Now I just met Molly the other day, Molly is a former Miss Texas and she has such a great positive attitude that I wanted to reward her with a Positive Pin, so thank you for being so positive. Take this and please tell our fans how thinking positive has affected your life or what thinking positive means to you.


OK, well my parents always taught me at a young age to always set goals for your life and I know that you probably have goals in your life, I have goals in mine, and I learned really young that you have to think positive. Because you’re gonna have obstacles, there’s gonna to be things that get in your way to, in order to achieve your goal, and so at 6 years old I just started thinking positive and every morning when I wake up I think positive, I won Miss Texas by being positive and thinking that I could do it.  It’s just important to think positive and not negative because it has an outcome on your life.


Awesome, thank you very much.  Guys connect with us on our webpage below and we’ll see you next week.

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