Project Positivity 2012 Volume #27 – Think Positive™

Ok, I admit, this post is a little late; but as they say “better late than never,” right?  I am so proud and happy to recognize Tracey Underwood Pritchett as week #27’s Positive Pin™ recipient.  She just happens to be in ViSalus with us and is very encouraging and positive.  If you ever meet her you should ask her about her history, it’s a very inspiring story.  Thank you Tracey, lets change the world!



Hey guys this is week number 27 of Project Positivity and my recipient of this weeks Positive Pin is Tall Tracey, cause see she’s tall. Now I know Tracey through Dan and Tracy Kubinski. We are here in Miami in a ViSalus convention celebrating Vitality which is a huge huge organization and they’re training us, anyway, back to Tracey. Tracey has a great attitude she’s helping us build a team and I want to reward her with a Positive Pin, so please take this Positive Pin and is there anything you want to tell our  fans about how thinking positive has affected your life?
Well I’ve always been taught that  it all starts in the mind. And you must  start with positive thinking. What you  think is what you become. So keep positive people.
Thank you, guys connect with us on our Facebook page here, take care.

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