Project Positivity 2012 Volume 25 – Think Positive™

So this week I am back on track.  If you noticed I was a little late uploading last weeks (week #24) Positive Pin recipient (Betty Benjamin) but I am back on track now.  It’s crazy how life can bless you with so many opportunities.  I’d rather look at them as blessing rather than burdens.

I’ve been meaning to record this next guy for some time now, but since he’s so busy I didn’t want to pester him.  Luckily I cornered him on this HOT Sunday afternoon at his amazing home.  Mark Walker receives week number 25’s Positive Pin™ for his relentless kindness and positive outlook on life.  Mark doesn’t talk about it much, but he’s a three time Billboard awarded songwriter and very successful entrepreneur.  He’s started and run several successful companies, which is why I consider him to be an expert on the reasons to stay positive when being an entrepreneur. Thank you Mark for also opening your home to all those singer/songwriters 4 times a year and your generosity and kind heart while we’re in your home!


Hey guys this is week number  twenty five of Project Positivity and  I couldn’t think of a better recipient  for The Positive Pin than Mr. Mark Walker.  Every year Mark puts on a music gathering at his place and if you pan around real quick you can see what an amazing view this is. Mark lives up here i the  hill country, well it’s sort of in the hill country of San Antonio and is gracious enough to host singers and songwriters up to his place, and Mark owns several business, has owned several businesses and I am sure he can tell you that maintaining a positive attitude is essential in being successful. So Mark, please accept this Positive Pin. Is there anything you’d want to tell  our fans about how being positive really has impacted your life?
Well definitely, if you uh there’s ,there’s ups and downs particularly in the business side and I’m sure uh whether it’s a personal side or whatever your particular situation is, but, definitely in the business where you think things just couldn’t get any worse, whether it’s uh lawsuits or employee issues or business or whatever the case may be but somehow tomorrow always comes and as long as you think positive then good things will happen and they eventually, eventually do, so maybe it’s not on the same time frame or same schedule that you have but it will happen if you stick with it.
That’s a great point, thanks guys. And if you are interested in sharing positivity take a look at our website below Positive Pin dot com thanks

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