Project Positivity 2012 Volume 23 – Think Positive™

What an amazing week #23 was of 2012.  I started a new business, set a goal to eat and get healthier and I get to interview a future San Antonio superstar.  Carmen De La Rosa is the most determined, motivated and goal driven young woman I have ever met.  She’s already a member of our Toastmasters group and has a bright future ahead of herself.  I couldn’t think of a better candidate to receive a Positive Pin™ than Carmen.


OK Guys this is week number twenty three of Project Positivity and I’m very excited  because my recipient of the Positive Pin this week is Carmen De La Rosa. Now you have to keep an eye out for Carmen because she’s going to be the next Miss San Antonio, I know it, she’s  developing as a speaker, she has  great energy she’s so energetic and dynamic and positive so Carmen, please accept this Positive Pin being so awesomely positive,  and what would you like to our fans about how thinking positive has affected your life?
Well you up thank you Jonathan, I think thinking positive and the positive pin  really comes to play in an everyday life because it just makes me wake up every
morning just with a great attitude and it just makes my day so much smoother and my life is just so much more happy keeping that positive energy
Cool, well thanks a lotThanks guys

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