Project Positivity 2012 Volume 21 – Think Positive™

Mrs. Karen Wells is our recipient of this weeks Positive Pin™ for her unceasing smile, great attitude and overal positive glow. We saw her band (KarenWells Band) playing at a local Farmers Market and by chance the following week reconnected at a restaurant.  She is always smiling and was the perfect candidate for this weeks Pin.  Keep up the positivity Karen, the world needs more people like you!


So this is week 21 of project positivity 2012 and my  recipient of the Positive Pin™ is Karen Wells. Now Karen Wells has a band, so look her up,  Karen Wells Band on Facebook, on the internet,  you’ll be able to find her, but anyway,  Karen has a great attitude, we met her a couple  of months ago and she’s always smiling,  very very very positive and so this week’s recipient of The Positive Pin™ is Karen. Thank you very much for being so positive, is there anything you want to say to our fans about being positive and what thinking positive means to you?
Yes, positivity is basically it helps you have a good quality of life and your thoughts and all of your um just your actions and this will create your destiny, it’s  it’s true, and your mental health, your total wellbeing all revolves around think positive so I’m being positive
Alright, thank you very much, see you guys

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