Project Positivity 2012 Volume 20 – Think Positive™

My friend and race car driver Bryan Hixon is our week 20 recipient of The Positive Pin for Project Positivity 2012.  Bryan told me a cool story about how he took first place in two races because he was focused and kept a positive state of mind.


Ok friends this is week number 20 of Project Positivity 2012 and my recipient of this weeks Positive Pin is my good friend Bryan Hixon. Bryan has a phenomenal job, he races cars, and always has a great attitude and a smile on his face but one of the things about Bryan is that he is a realist, he’s not going to be happy or positive for no reason, he’s a realist. He realizes that some days are good and some days aren’t but I’ll let him explain it to you, so Bryan, here’s your Positive Pin. Thank you for being positive, is there anything you want to tell the fans about being positive and what it means to you?
Well to me being positive has changed a lot of things, it’s really helped me a lot in racing. I actually wear my Positive Pin on my chinstrap on my helmet and it just make you think that when things can be going wrong, if you put your head down and focus think positive, it’s been bringing great results. The first time I wore my Positive Pin I won both races in a row, and I’ve never done that. It’s also been bringing other great things into my life, thank you Jonathan, I really like what you’re doing
Thanks guys

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