Project Positivity 2012 Volume 19 – Think Positive™

A recent big promotor of the Positive Pin™, Olivier “the wine guy” has already been spreading the word to all his friends about my mission.  I’ve already had an appointment with Liberty Builders and they loved the idea! Thanks Olivier.


Hello friends, this is week 19 of Project Positivity and my recipient for this week’s Positive Pin™ is Olivier the wine guy now I met Olivier the other day  and he’s already introduced me to a lot of people who absolutely love The Positive Pin™ and so I’m very thankful for him. So Olivier accept this Positive Pin™ please on my behalf and  is there anything you want to tell our fans about thinking positive?
Uh well, thank you very much first of all,  Uh yes I believe in the power of the mind and uh, you know I studied philosophy in college and uh, I think when you open your mind to new ideas it’s obvious that uh if you visualize the things that you want to project into the universe they come to you, so I believe in the power of positive thinking, and I think these  pins are a great reminder and way to share with your friends to uh make the world a better place by thinking positive
Thank you, and if you need wine and you’re in San Antonio, Olivier the wine guy, look him up on Facebook, thanks man

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