Project Positivity 2012 Volume 18 – Think Positive™

I met Noam through Maestro, and I was very impressed with the things that Noam had to say about being positive.  He even rallies his employees by giving them access to Positive Pins™ at the office!  Thanks for the positive promoting Noam Lazarus Kahn.


Okay so this is week 18 with Project Positivity. I am here with my friend Noam and he’s going to be  the recipient of this week’s Positive Pin™. I was introduced to Noam through my friend my Maestro, everybody knows Maestro and Noam, we had lunch the other day  and he was telling me these amazing stories, amazingly positive guy and I didn’t thank you for  everything you’re doing, please accept this Positive Pin™ and is there anything you want to tell our fans about being  positive and how it’s affected you?
Um personally I’ve been trough a lot in my life and I think I’ve always remained positive and that really helped me with anything and everything I do. Even though you go through tough times sometimes you just have to be positive and that’s how you’ll be successful, happy and just have a great life
Alright, thanks guys!

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