Project Positivity 2012 Volume 17 – Think Positive™

Grammy Award winner Michael Morales received week #17’s Positive Pin™ for his positive foundation and outlook on life.  I was so blessed to meet him and listen to his amazing stories of how a positive attitude has helped him through very challenging times.  He also helps children realize their musical dreams with his Rockstar Academy.  Thank you Michael.


It’s week seventeen with Project Positivity and my recipient this week of The Positive Pin™ is Michael Morales and I had the pleasure of meeting him the other day his son’s show The Zot’s and it’s funny how life works out, you meet people for certain reasons and I was just so blown away by the positive vibe that I got from Michael so Michael, this is my presentation to you, my present to you The  Positive Pin™ and is there anything you want to say to our fans  about the benefits of thinking positive?
Well thank you Jonathan,  I think that this is a  great-great organization and i think this is great little device reminding us to think positively uh in my life i know that if I didn’t think positive, um I don’t think anything would have worked out. I was lucky enough  to have some hit records, and and produce some great artist even won a few um grammy awards but um I think that you know have you  ever heard that saying we’re luckier than we are good? I think probably in an instance like this what  applies is maybe I am more positive that I  am talented and I think a lot of times when you stay that positive  good things just kind of happen in the wake. A lot of times when you’re tugging  with a lot of positive energy just good things happen in your wake, so I think it’s all being positive. That’s I think that’s maybe the secret of life.
You’re absolutely right, thanks man,thanks for being so awesomely positive
Thank you,  hold on, this is how we can cut away everybody, remember this, be positive, don’t stop, don’t stop don’t stop, there it is

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