Project Positivity 2012 Volume 16 – Think Positive™

Monica Young de Cantu exudes calmness, peace of mind and a positive outlook on life.  She is a fellow member of Toastmasters International.  She is an ideal candidate for The Positive Pin™.


Hey guys it’s Jonathan with Positive Pin™ we are now successfully at week week numberrrr 15, nah’er no we’re week 16 we are at week 16 of Project Positivity 2012 and the recipient of this week’s lavender Positive Pin™ is Mrs. Monica de Cantu-Young now as you can see she is full of energy, full of light and full of positivity so Monica, for being so positive please accept this Positive Pin™ and  tell us what you think about being positive
Alright, well first of all thank you Jonathan very very much for the, for the thought, and um I appreciate it immensely. What could be a more important  factor in a persons physical, mental  spiritual and social health than to always be able to find what is positive about any kind of situation? my heart is always very indeared by those who somehow manage to extract what is good and what is positive out of every, every type of situation and i have tried to set myself up as being one of those people and I think you are one of those people so this is doubly valuable to me thank you very very much, thank you for  filming us
Thank you and thanks guys

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