Project Positivity 2012 Volume 14 – Think Positive™

Mr. Daniel Cantu-Young joyfully receives this weeks Positive Pin™ for his upbeat positive attitude.  Daniel is a fellow member of Toastmasters International too!


Hey everybody this is week 14 of Project Positivity and this weeks recipient is Daniel Cantu-Young who, He is a member of Toastmaster with me and every time I see him he is always  in a great mood. He has a great role model  I am sure his mom is equally as positive. So Daniel, thank you for being so positive and thank you for receiving the Positive Pin™. Do you want to say anything to  our fans about the benefits of positing thinking?
Sure, definitely.  It’s something that I think is beyond life itself. Something that has been given to us because it’s just it’s gifts are so much that I I can’t put into perspective how we could be able to exercise this every every week every day every hour and I’m just so happy I am thankful for life.
Awesome, thanks guys!

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