Who says Mondays have to be bad?

Today’s lesson: Do what you HAVE to do as soon as you can, so you can do what you WANT  to do whenever you want.

Today was the very last day I had to turn in my defensive driving course completion form, driving record and proof of insurance in order to be a in compliance with the law.  The only though, is I only have the proof of insurance.  Procrastination is the fertilizer of missed opportunity.  Yes I had two months to do all of this but “life got in the way”.  At least that’s the excuse I tried to make myself believe.  There was NO WAY that I could get my driving record from the state (takes 2-4 weeks to get) and there’s no way that I would have the defensive driving class completion form (takes 4-7 days to get) by 5:00pm today.  What made things more interesting was when I read the letter from the court that read “Under no circumstances will extensions to the above date (June 18th, 2012) be granted.  So with a positive attitude and a Positive Pin™ on my collar I decided to take my chances and plead with the court to give me an extension.  I approached the bench with a smile and certainty that I’d get the extension that they claim would not be granted.  I wasn’t even questioned and the clerk said “you have two more weeks to get this done.”  I asked her to be me a favor to which she replied “sure, what”?  I said “please have a GREAT day”.  She smiled and said thanks!

I can’t give an accurate number but I bet that less than 2 people a week tell her to have a great day.  Standing out from the crown in a positive way is a great feeling!  Never forget what you should be thankful for.


Watch this video: Gridlock Greatfulness

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